Is Hummus Good For You? (Spoiler: Yes)

is hummus good for you? read our new blog to find out

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This May Come As A Shock...

but hummus has not always been popular in the United States. Once upon a time, people would look at you weird if they saw you eating it in public, similar to the scene in “The Breakfast Club” when Molly Ringwald’s character starts eating sushi at school. 

breakfast club is hummus good for you blog
"I'm more of a Lunchables kind of guy"

Fast Forward To Today

Hummus is now one of the most popular dips in the U.S., with “an estimated 25% of American homescarrying the quintessential Middle-Eastern food in their fridge. Today, its health benefits, varied uses are loved by all walks of life in the U.S. and other western cultures. But just how exactly did the dish come to fruition, and most importantly, is hummus good for you?

is hummus good for you confused gary

The Humble Garbanzo Bean

The roots of these questions all trace back to the one key ingredient responsible for making hummus possible, garbanzo beans. Also known as chickpeas, garbanzo beans have been used in Mediterranean, Indian and Middle-Eastern dishes for thousands of years and are still found in many regional cuisines, such as chana masala, falafel, and of course, hummus.

is hummus good for you comparing beans
Garbanzo beans fresh out of the ground vs. just before being made into hummus

Garbanzo beans are no ordinary food. Along with dry peas, dry beans, and lentils, they are referred to as “pulses”, a subset of the legume family considered to be superfoods. That is because pulses are packed with key nutrients. According to a 2016 study on the nutritional benefits of garbanzo beans, they found that people who regularly eat hummus have higher levels of essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and E compared to those who don’t. Regular consumers were also more likely to have a low BMI, indicating an overall boost to one’s health. 

animation of gary garbanzo flying like a superhero
Mascot by day, Superbean by night

Health Benefits of Hummus

“If there was a nutrition contest for dips, hummus… would win in the “best all-around” category.”

Julia Calderone,

Garbanzo beans are what give hummus its high fiber-content, helping the body stay regular and promotes good digestive health. Today, gut health studies are gaining traction as strong indicators of overall body health. Eating hummus regularly allows the human body to increase healthy gut bacteria growth, and thus, promote more health benefits for the body.

Hummus is also rich in plant proteins, therefore making it a great option for vegans and vegetarians to supplant their protein intake. There are around 16 grams of protein for every cup of Roots Hummus; and 2 tbsp contains about 2 grams of protein. Foods with high protein content quickly reduce your appetite, helping you regulate your eating schedule. This makes it the perfect addition to any meal to boost protein intake and satisfy your hunger for longer periods of time.  

athletes discussing if hummus is good for you

Pass the Veggies!

When it comes to dipping, you have many tools at your disposal – pita chips, pretzels, index fingers – but it is hard to beat the taste of fresh veggies dipped into your favorite hummus. From carrots, to celery, to broccoli, there’s no wrong way to get your dip on when each bite is loaded with flavor and nutrients your body craves. Speaking of, guess who also loves this match made in heaven? Kids! Hummus is the perfect persuasion for kids stubbornly refusing to eat their veggies. Once they find their favorite hummus flavor, the situation quickly goes from “don’t forget to eat your veggies” to “hey, leave some for me!” 

Creating a Healthier Planet

Hummus is healthy as-is, but here at Roots, we take it a step further by substituting traditional cooking oils like canola or olive oil with a healthier safflower oil, reducing cholesterol by having less saturated fat. We proudly celebrate the humble garbanzo bean by only pairing it with the freshest ingredients. From leafy green spinach, to juicy red bell peppers, to savory black beans, everything that goes into Roots Hummus is picked fresh from Mother Earth – not a lab.

Hummus is here to stay, and we hope that you choose us as we embark on our quest to make the world a healthier place.

For the news, healthy eating tips, promotions, and more, join the Roots Hummus Fan Club!

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