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A Recipe for Change

Our Mission

Food has the power to dissolve barriers between people. 

Food has the power to heal our relationship with the earth. 

Roots exists to be a vessel for these necessary changes. 

We’re also here to make the best hummus you’ve ever tasted.

Our Vision

As Roots grows, so does our ability to invest in the work of The Roots Foundation. The work of the foundation is to help the public education system shift into a state of efficacy and relevance. This is done by empowering and valuing teachers to lead their students – our children – in real world project based learning. 

Our Purpose

Roots is a product of its employees and Asheville, and it is deeply tied to both. The company is a Living Wage-certified employer, and a percentage of the company’s profits help fund the Roots Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with Asheville City Schools to increase students’ access to outdoor gardens and project-based learning. This effort is a part of Roots’s vision to help create a better, healthier, world. As Roots sees it, when it comes to bringing people together there’s no better place to start than with education and food, the roots of our society.

How it All Started

How these gentlemen took their passion for food and planet Earth and turned it into something that can really make a difference.

The People Behind The Hummus

Our team is what makes Roots Hummus so special. Get to know us!

Learn More About Our New Facility

Thanks to you, we are making more hummus than ever! Check out the new spot.

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