What is High Pressure Processing?

High pressure processing (HPP) is a method of preserving and sterilizing food using pressure. It works by placing sealed containers of hummus in a chamber that is filled with cold water. Up to 87,000 psi is applied (more than the bottom of the ocean), neutralizing any dangerous microbes. As opposed to other methods which use heat and/or chemicals, HPP has no effect on taste or texture. It even doubles the shelf life, reducing waste due to spoiling. A win, win, win! 

Pressure, Not Preservatives.™

Roots began in the back of an Asheville food co-op, and even from the start, the freshest ingredients and not using preservatives were top priorities.

Of course, this meant more time and cost to prepare but resulted in healthier, more delicious products. This attention to detail and uncompromising focus on quality is the foundation of Roots, the Microbrew of Hummus.

In our ongoing effort to make the best hummus, we now use Cold Processing (AKA High Pressure Processing, HPP) to lock in the amazing taste and quality of our hummus — just with a longer shelf-life — helping us get it to even more people across the country.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!

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