Introducing Roots Oil-Free Hummus

Enjoy the classic, fresh flavor of Roots Hummus with only 1/2 the calories with our new Signature Oil-Free Hummus flavors. Two are entirely new: zesty Lemon Pepper and a Greek classic, Kalamata Olive. Read how we’re changing the hummus game below.

We Knew That One Of Your Favorite Things About Our Hummus Is How Healthy It Is

So we went ahead and made a few of our most popular flavors, and a couple of new flavors, even healthier! Our new oil-free hummus is one of the only hummus brands on the market making oil-free, and has less fat of any other hummus out there. And it’s still delicious! We’ve really perfected this recipe, try for yourself.

The Benefits of Oil-Free Hummus

Half The Calories

Our oil-free hummus contains half the calories of our original hummus.

Less fat

Our oil-free hummus contains less fat than our original flavor hummus.

just as delicious

Tell us if you can taste a difference, we bet you will like it even more!

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