The Microbrew of Hummus™

We all know hummus is good for you – but what makes our Original and Oil-Free flavors so delicious and healthy?

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It Starts With Only The Best Ingredients

The mission of Roots Hummus is straightforward: to make the absolute best hummus on the planet. To achieve this, we craft 100-percent natural, non-GMO, preservative-free hummus. Simple but mighty, our hummus is a plant-based nutritional powerhouse that’s ready to eat anytime, anywhere. Every batch we create is naturally and gluten-free.




Gluten - Free

No Preservatives

No Preservatives

Pressure, Not Preservatives.®

In our ongoing effort to make the best hummus, we now use Cold Pressure (HPP) to lock in the amazing taste and quality of Roots Hummus — just with a longer shelf-life — helping us get it to even more people across the country.

Sourced From Local Farmers And Trusted Vendors

Speaking of ingredients, all of ours are sourced from trusted vendors we have longstanding relationships with, and, where possible, farmers in the Western North Carolina region. The result can be tasted in each bite: fresh, delicious hummus made from nothing but real food.

gary garbanzo ready to garden and farm

To Create The Best Hummus You Will Ever Eat

Roots strives to be a force for good in the world, and each batch of hummus we craft is a reflection of our relationships with our vendors, employees, and the planet. Our vision is to harness the healing power of food. Our tool? Hummus.

Introducing Our All-New Oil-Free Hummus!

Enjoy the classic, fresh flavor of Roots Hummus with only 1/2 the calories with our new Signature Oil-Free Hummus flavors. Two are entirely new: zesty Lemon Pepper and a Greek classic, Kalamata Olive. Read how we’re changing the hummus game below.

Discover The Flavors

You'll want THEM ALL, trust us.
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